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Noise Ruido

  Natalia Beristáin

  Mexico, Argentina     104 minutes


Months after daughter Ger goes missing, Julia remains both devastated and frustrated by a lack of action and answers from apathetic authorities. Taking matters into her own hands, she sets out on a search, receiving help from journalists, lawyers, and activists, the vast underground network of people—mostly women—who risk their lives daily looking for lost loved ones. Based on true events and skillfully making use of documentary footage, this sensitively drawn, harrowing road movie is a journey into the darkness of femicide and forced disappearance. Through the tale of one woman’s despair, grief, and ultimate empowerment, Noise uplifts the many who work through unimaginable pain to stand against an overwhelming threat.

 Spanish with subtitles 

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Film Credits

  •   María José Córdova, Karla Badillo, Rafael Ley
  •   Natalia Beristáin, Diego Enrique Osorno, Alo Valenzuela
  •   Miguel Schverdfinger AMEE
  •   Luisa Guala
  •   Dariela Ludlow AMC
  •   Julieta Egurrola, Teresa Ruiz
  •   Miguel Schverdfinger ASA
  •   Pablo Chemor
  •   Woofilms, Pasto & Pucará, Chamaca Films, Bengala


International Competition Patron

Jacolyn and John Bucksbaum Family Foundation