Neurotic Quest for Serenity (TOC: Transtornada Obsessiva Compulsiva)

  •   Paulinho Caruso, Teodoro Poppovic
  •   Brazil
  •   After Dark, Spotlight: Women in Cinema
  •   Action, Comedy


The hyperactive imagination of manic telenovela star Kika K is beginning to affect her waking life, where a stalker, a suicidal ghostwriter, and a venomous rival are aggravating her already all-consuming OCD. As her reality continues to unravel, Kika must embark on a trippy adventure to self-enlightenment, or whatever, to end her hilarious yet personally disastrous self-sabotaging ways. A darkly whimsical, tragicomic take on the cult of celebrity.

  •  Portuguese with subtitles
  •  105 minutes


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