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  Josh Alexander

  United States     120 minutes


How did the iconic civil rights advocate who became famous for his outspoken rhetoric become one of the nation’s most prominent leaders of the movement? Loudmouth cuts through the clichés and assumptions surrounding the track-suit-wearing crusader to investigate the roots of his political engagement and his transformation into a media-savvy activist. Playing into the tabloid journalism of the Jerry Springers and Phil Donahues of his heyday, Sharpton effectively raised awareness about the systemic injustice, racism, and white supremacy that has persisted in America. As he once famously declared, “Critics would say that all Al Sharpton wants is publicity. Well, that’s exactly what I want.”

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Film Credits

  •   Daniel Chalfen, Mike Jackson, Kedar Massenburg, Josh Alexander
  •   Armando Croda
  •   Clemson Brown, Graham Willoughby
  •   Reverend Al Sharpton
  •   Jessie Montgomery, Joel Goodman
  •   John Legend, Ty Stiklorious, Austyn Biggers, Brenda Robinson, Aaron Gilbert, Brenda Gilbert, Josh Miller, Sal Al-Rashid, Jim Butterworth, Michael Cho, Sue Turley, Michael Chow, Tim Lee
  •   Get Lifted, Group Effort Films, Massenburg Media, Naked Edge Films, Bron Studios, Salmira Productions


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