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La Maternal

  Pilar Palomero

  Spain, France     100 minutes


Rebellious and headstrong, 14-year-old Carla spends her days kicking around with her best friend Efrain, fending for herself, and wreaking havoc – anything to escape her combustive relationship with her mother. But when social services determine that the slight, still girlish Carla is five months pregnant, they send her to La Maternal, a home for young mothers. Taking counsel and support from the other teens at the center, Carla must quickly learn how to be a parent, even as she resists this new, inescapable role. With a singular skill for working with young actors, director Pilar Pilomero (Schoolgirls)’s sensitive if sobering social drama deploys an intimate, documentary-like style to explore the tenuous line between childhood and adulthood, daughter and mother.

 Spanish with subtitles 

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Film Credits

  •   Valérie Delpierre, Álex Lafuente
  •   Pilar Palomero
  •   Sofie Escudé
  •   Monica Bernuy
  •   Julián Elizalde
  •   Carla Quílez, Ángela Cervantes, Rubén Martínez, Pepe Lorente
  •   Amanda Villavieja
  •   Carlos Naya
  •   Inicia Films, BTEAM PRODS, Les Films du Worso
  •   https://www.elledriver.fr/en/movie/la-maternal