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  Guy Davidi

  Denmark, Israel, Finland, Iceland     100 minutes


With an uneasy beauty and a blistering moral force, Innocence explores the militarization of Israeli society and its impact on the lives of its young people, most of whom are conscripted into the army. Through intimate narration taken from the diaries of dead recruits and the rare home movies they left behind, the film reveals the inner turmoil of the soldiers, while also depicting the insidious and widespread ways in which children are indoctrinated into the culture of war at an early age. Filmmaker Guy Davidi, who co-directed with Emad Burnat the seminal Oscar-nominated Palestinian-Israel co-production Five Broken Cameras, creates another essential and emotional portrait of the personal devastation caused by war and the guileless victims left in its wake.

 Hebrew with subtitles 

Screenings & Events

Virtual Screening

Available to stream Oct 13 @ 12:00pm CT through Oct 23 @ 11:59pm CT for a 48-hour watch window. Available in Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin only.


Film Credits

  •   Sigrid Dyekjær, Hilla Medalia. Co-Producers: Kaarle Aho, Margreth Jonasdottir
  •   Guy Davidi
  •   Guy Davidi, Maja Friis
  •   Guy Davidi, Avner Shahaf
  •   Rinat Klain, Dorit Hassel
  •   Heikki Kossi
  •   Snorri Hallgrímsson
  •   Danish Documentary, Medalia Productions.
  •   Co-Production companies: Real Lava, Making Movies, Sagafilm


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