Friedkin Uncut

  •   Francesco Zippel
  •   Italy
  •   Documentary, Spotlight: Italy
  •   Art/Film, Documentary


“A startling aperture onto the bright, witty, original mind of a man who isn’t afraid to make unconventional leaps” –The Hollywood Reporter

Oscar®-winning, Chicago-born director William Friedkin achieved fame with his 1973 horror blockbuster The Exorcist. But this illuminating documentary shows the director’s unwavering commitment to rawness and realism across his career, from The French Connection (1972) to Killer Joe (2011). Featuring interviews with Ellen Burstyn, Willem Dafoe, and Quentin Tarantino, among others, Friedkin Uncut reveals a savvy craftsman who is unapologetic about his no-nonsense approach to moviemaking. With in-person tribute to William Friedkin.

  •  106 minutes


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