Extracurricular film still

Extracurricular Dopunska nastava


This tautly-paced, precisely-executed darkly comic thriller sees a bitter, frustrated, divorced dad take his daughter’s grade school classroom hostage on her birthday. The burg’s unscrupulous mayor attempts to use the situation to his political advantage, as does an ambitious, cynical journalist who also spies a route to fame. With top-notch performances and tensioninducing score, Extracurricular is gripping, provocative, and shockingly funny

Extracurricular remains a good, well-paced and precisely executed genre piece.”

  •  Croatian with subtitles


Extracurricular: Sun, Oct 20 @ 1:45 am

Director Ivan-Goran Vitez

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Extracurricular: Sun, Oct 20 @ 8:30 pm

Director Ivan-Goran Vitez

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