Corpus Christi Boże Ciało


Twenty-year-old Daniel experiences a spiritual transformation while incarcerated in a youth detention center. He feels a calling to the priesthood, but his criminal record makes following his vocation impossible. On work-release, he is mistaken for an itinerant clergyman, a role he embraces with relish. Soon, he is filling in at a small parish, but will his unconventional teachings help heal the community reeling from a terrible tragedy or tear them further apart?

“Themes of salvation and sacrifice, damnation, retribution and redemption will make this too Catholic for some art house tastes, […] But there’s visual command and a compelling intimacy to the storytelling, plus intellectual engagement in the reflection on who gets to claim nearness to God.”
-Hollywood Reporter

  •  Polish with subtitles


Corpus Christi: Wed, Oct 23 @ 10:45 pm

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Corpus Christi: Fri, Oct 25 @ 1:45 am

Director Jan Komasa

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Corpus Christi: Fri, Oct 25 @ 5:00 pm

Director Jan Komasa

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