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  Álfrún Örnólfsdóttir

  Iceland     87 minutes


If This Is Spinal Tap had been centered on an all-female group of Icelandic performance-artist musicians, it would look a lot like Band. singer-turned-filmmaker Álfrún Örnólfsdóttir’s hilarious and poignant portrait of the misadventures of her Post Performance Blues Band. Renowned in the underground Reykjavik music scene since 2016 for their electro-punk sound and spandex-clad modernist dance moves, Álfrún and her friends Saga and Hrefna, nearing 40, double down on their artistic pursuits: They give themselves one year to become avant-garde pop stars—or relinquish their ambitions once and for all. Filled with absurdist humor and hard-to-believe-it’s-real moments, Band is a colorful, zany, and subversively heartfelt celebration of adult friendship and an ode to boldly, if also somewhat recklessly, pursuing your dreams.

 English, Icelandic with subtitles 

Screenings & Events


Tue, Oct 18 @ 8:15pm CDT

at AMC River East, Screen 20


Thu, Oct 20 @ 1:00pm CDT

at AMC River East, Screen 20

Virtual Screening

Available to stream Oct 13 @ 12:00pm CT through Oct 23 @ 11:59pm CT for a 48-hour watch window. Available in Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin only.


Film Credits

  •   Heather Millard, Þórður Jónsson
  •   Álfrún Örnólfsdóttir
  •   Kristján Loðmfjörð
  •   Sebastian Ziegler
  •   Álfrún Örnólfsdóttir, Saga Sigurðardóttir, Hrefna Lind Lárusdóttir
  •   Kjartan Kjartansson
  •   The Post Performance Blues Band
  •   Álfrún Örnólfsdóttir, Shane Boris, Sara Dosa, Anna Hildur Hildibrandsdóttir
  •   Compass Films