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All Jacked Up and Full of Worms

  Alex Phillips

  United States     72 minutes


An unforgettable, highly disturbing psychedelic odyssey, All Jacked Up and Full of Worms is packed with cringe-inducing images that linger long after the credits roll. Desperate for a child, Benny, a disturbed recluse, goes to sex worker Henrietta hoping she’ll be able to help. Although she cannot give him exactly what he wants, she does offer up a small tin canister full of hallucinogenic earthworms. Good enough. Along with an adrift hotel maintenance man, Roscoe, the three soon embark on a journey down the rabbit hole of consciousness and perception. Once again training his camera on a pack of intriguing societal outcasts, director and Festival alum Alex Phillips (Who’s a Good Boy?) imbues his work with a visionary microbudget surreality.

Content Warning

This film contains potentially disturbing images and body horror.

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Film Credits

  •   Alex Phillips, Georgia Bernstein and Ben Gojer
  •   Alex Phillips
  •   Troy Lewis
  •   Ania Bista
  •   Drew Angle
  •   Phillip Andre Botello, Trevor Dawkins, Betsey Brown, Eva Fellows, Mike Lopez, Carol Rhyu, Sammy Arechar
  •   Alex Inglizian
  •   Cue Shop
  •   Jason Matsumoto, Eugene Sun Park, Richard Song
  •   Special Movies, Eleven04, Full Spectrum Features
  •   https://www.wormsmovie.com


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