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  Clare Weiskopf & Nicolás Van Hemelryck

  Colombia, Romania, Chile     84 minutes


Inside a state-run shelter for teenage girls in Bogotá, Colombia, filmmakers Clare Weiskopf and Nicolás van Hemelryck invite ten subjects to imagine a 15-year-old classmate named “Alis.” As they describe this fictitious person, some recount her troubled past and indominable nature; others, her sexual experiences, or their own romantic relationships with her. In time, “Alis” begins to take shape as a complex projection of their own identities, revealing intimate truths about the traumas, loves, and lives of the interviewed adolescents. In this impressively crafted documentary–winner of the Youth Jury Prize and the Teddy Award for Best Documentary at the Berlin Film Festival–Alis uses its innovative conceit to create an insightful and moving portrait of youth and resilience.


58th Chicago International Film Festival Gold Hugo and OutLook Special Mention. Learn more…

 Spanish with subtitles 

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Virtual Screening

Available to stream Oct 13 @ 12:00pm CT through Oct 23 @ 11:59pm CT for a 48-hour watch window. Available in Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin only.


Film Credits

  •   Radu Stancu, Alexandra Galvis
  •   Tatiana Andrade, Anne Fabini, Gustavo Vasco, Clare Weiskopf, Nicolás Van Hemelryck
  •   Gustavo Vasco (ECCA), Anne Fabini
  •   Helkin René Díaz G. (ADFC)
  •   Marius Leftărache
  •   Miguel Miranda, José Miguel Tobar
  •   Lise Lense-Moller, Vlad Radulescu, Nicolás Van Hemelryck, Clare Weiskopf, Ramona Grama
  •   Casatarántula


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