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Shorts 7: Black Perspectives – Resonance


  Tanzania, United States     99 minutes


Vibrant cultural legacies come to life, hidden histories are unearthed, everyday life is illuminated, and resonant stories unfold in captivating splendor in this collection of shorts. Featuring works by Kim Hibbert, Darragh Amelia, Gertrude Malizana, Jesse Gerard Mpango, Cece Mlay, Jarreau Carrillo, Felicia Pride, Adrian Gardner, Derrick Woodyard, Joe Brewster, and Michèle Stephenson.

A Brooklyn woman harbors the secret of electronic music’s true origins in Africans with Mainframes (U.S.). Three dedicated film workers journey through the world of informal film culture in Apostles of Cinema (Tanzania). A barber’s quest for a holiday becomes an exploration of identity and experience in The Vacation (U.S.). In Look Back at It (U.S.), a Baltimore-based single mother finds her groove with the help of her teenage daughter. Techie Lucas finds his casual hookup taking an unexpected turn in Man>Code (U.K.). A young boy’s journey of understanding and acceptance amidst his parents’ separation is explored in Love Taps (U.S.). And Black Girls Play: The Story of Hand Games (U.S.) delves into the historical use of hand games and artistic communication in Black culture.

 English with subtitles

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This program will be available to stream from October 16 at 12:00pm CT to October 22 at 11:59pm CDT.

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Point-of-view shot looking at a computer screen that's playing a video of someone talking to a microphone.

AliEN0089 [short film]

  Valeria Hofmann

  Chile, Argentina     21 minutes


In this tense thriller, a gamer reveals the sexist harassment and threats she receives from online trolls and finds they infiltrate more than just her computer. Resonances between the war game being played online and IRL political protests happening outside destabilize the viewer’s experience.

This film screens as part of the Shorts 5: Drama – Breaking Points program.


 Spanish with subtitles

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