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Succinct yet mighty films that demonstrate the virtuosity and craft of the short format.

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Shorts 1: Expanding Sensibilities (City and State)

This eclectic showcase highlights the vibrancy of the Chicago and Illinois filmmaking communities across an array of forms and genres.

Shorts 2: Shifts and Rifts (Animation)

The creative conjurings of dreams, psychedelic adventures, and familial reconnections run throughout this set of animated wonders from around the globe. This transcendent program is packed with a variety of animation styles.

Shorts 3: Unexpected Terrors (After Dark)

These six shorts spanning four countries show the real world is just as terrifying as the supernatural, highlighting how the uncanny and the unexpected can be found even in mundane situations.

Shorts 4: Abstract Reflections (Documentary)

These non-fiction films include intimate portraits and daring confrontational works that exhibit the myriad textures of everyday life. Autobiographical memories and reimagined histories shape new perspectives.

Shorts 5: Disorientation & The Familiar (Drama)

These innovative shorts articulate moments of emotional transformation and depict how obstacles of love plague characters amid societal upheaval.

Shorts 6: Side-Splitting (Comedy)

Defying conventions, these comedic films brim with humorous and quirky idiosyncrasies.

Shorts 7: Illuminating Gazes (Black Perspectives)

This suite of shorts offer nuanced approaches to storytelling, delving into self-discovery, cultural legacies, and the creation of safe spaces.

Shorts 8: Discursive Proclivities (Experimental)

This program of experimental films challenges the conventional concepts of fiction and documentary filmmaking and expands the medium in formally exciting and boldly innovative ways.

Shorts 9: Site-Specific (Architecture)

Reacting to architecture, manufactured public spaces, and psychogeographies, this program, ranging from abstract cinema to to emotive documentary, unpacks the ways that the buildings, cities, and spaces where we live ultimately affect every facet of our lives.

Shorts 10: Drawn Together (Family Friendly Animation)

This group of fun, energetic, emotional, and beautifully made animated works will capture the imaginations of audiences of all ages.

Content considerations: Discussions of death and clinical depression.