ChiFilmFest2020: Fest From Home

Imagination is Your Ticket!

Headshot: Mimi Plauché
Headshot: Vivian Teng

ChiFilmFest2020: Fest From Home

The Festival may be a little different this year, so we want you to show us how you Festival from home! Get inspiration from our Festival Trailer above, then share your own pictures and videos on social media of how you #FestivalFromHome. Tag @ChiFilmFest, and we’ll share our favorites throughout the Festival. We’ll even award virtual screening vouchers to the very best!

Below are some materials to help you share your Festival. Get creative!

Festival Poster

Want all of your Fest at Home instructions together in one attractive wall hanging? Download our festival poster to print out and share with your friends and neighbors!

Instagram Reels

Rolling out the yoga mat red carpet for a virtual premiere? Pouring “sticky stuff” on the floor to get that authentic movie theater feel? Use our custom Instagram Reels background to show how you Festival from Home! Remember: tag @chifilmfest so we can share.

Print at Home Marquee

Just because the Festival is virtual doesn’t mean you can’t show everyone what you’re streaming. Print your own theater marquee to show your neighbors what you’re watching at the Festival! Share and tag us to show your digital neighbors as well!