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Explore all of the films that this year’s festival has to offer, from thrilling dramas to outrageous comedies. Use the filter controls to find just the films you’re looking for, screening exactly the way you want to experience them.

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Pacifiction (Tourment sur les îles)

Albert Serra  |   France, Spain, Germany, Portugal
Historical, Mystery, Political

De Roller, France’s top man in post-colonial Tahiti, grows paranoid as rumors of military tests begin circulating throughout the island in this mesmerizing, elliptical vision of declining colonial enterprise and imperialist corruption.



Marcelo Gomes  |   Brazil, Portugal
LGBTQ, Religion, Social Commentary

A lyrical and intimate portrait of a transgender woman in rural Brazil confronting prejudices as she pursues her dream of a traditional church wedding.

Collection of four animated film stills representing Shorts Program 2

Shorts 2: Expansions (Animation)

Various  |   Portugal, Switzerland, United States

This group of animated shorts stirs the imagination and offers heroic stories of rituals.

Collection of four tense film stills representing Shorts Program 5

Shorts 5: Moments (Drama)

Various  |   Croatia, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, United States

These five shorts spanning five countries are bursting with precarious circumstances and unexpected happenings.