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City & State

This stellar collection of films made in Illinois features the year’s best stories and brightest talents.

An Acceptable Loss

Joe Chappelle  |   United States
Action, Political, Thriller

Accident, MD

Dan Rybicky  |   U.S.

The City That Sold America

Ky Dickens  |   United States
Documentary, Historical


Spencer Parsons  |   United States

The Feeling of Being Watched

Assia Boundaoui  |  United States
Documentary, Political

Hashtag Perfect Life

Michael Paulucci  |   United States

I Am Not Broken

Felix Piñeiro  |   United States

Mike Mollo Prepares for a Fight

Jake Zalutsky  |   United States
Olympia still


Gregory Dixon  |   United States
Romance, Women's Experiences

Opening Night

Margaret Bialis  |   United States

Shorts Program 1: Around the Corner (City & State)

Various  |   United States

What They Had

Elizabeth Chomko  |   United States
Drama, Generations


Pam Austin  |   United States