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City & State

Featuring local musical legends, multi-cultural activism, coming-of-age stories, and eerie tales of murder and mayhem, this stellar collection of films—competing for the Festival’s Chicago Award—showcase the year’s best stories and brightest talents from our own backyard.

An Acceptable Loss

Joe Chappelle  |   United States
Action, Political, Thriller

Accident, MD

Dan Rybicky  |   U.S.

The City That Sold America

Ky Dickens  |   United States
Documentary, Historical


Spencer Parsons  |   United States

The Feeling of Being Watched

Assia Boundaoui  |  United States
Documentary, Political

Hashtag Perfect Life

Michael Paulucci  |   United States

I Am Not Broken

Felix Piñeiro  |   United States

Mike Mollo Prepares for a Fight

Jake Zalutsky  |   United States
Olympia still


Gregory Dixon  |   United States
Romance, Women's Experiences

Opening Night

Margaret Bialis  |   United States


Pam Austin  |   United States