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The Wonder

  •   Sebastián Lelio
  •   United Kingdom, Ireland

The Irish Midlands, 1862—a young girl stops eating but remains miraculously alive and well. English nurse Lib Wright (Florence Pugh, in a riveting performance) is brought to a tiny village to observe 11-year old Anna O’Donnell. Pilgrims gather to witness the girl who is said to have survived without food for months. Is the village harboring a saint, surviving through divine intervention, or are there more ominous motives at work? As Anna’s health rapidly deteriorates, the science-minded Lib is determined to unearth the truth, challenging the faith of the entire community. A psychological thriller inspired by the 19th-century phenomenon of the “fasting girls” and adapted from the acclaimed novel by Emma Donoghue, The Wonder is an innovative and haunting drama from the director of Gloria and A Fantastic Woman about feminine fortitude and the power of belief.

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Friday, October 21, 2022

  •   108 minutes
Music Box Theatre
3733 N Southport Ave
Chicago, IL 60613


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