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The Wild Goose Lake film still

The Wild Goose Lake

  •   Yi'nan Diao
  •   China, France
  •   Global Currents

Film noir aesthetics drive this engrossing gangster thriller about a mid-level mobster in modern-day China. Just released from prison, Zhou Zenong gets into a deadly scrape with rival outlaws; in the aftermath, he encounters Liu Aiai, a sex worker with suspicious motives. Together they go on the run, fending off adversaries in a series of visually exhilarating set pieces, each darker and more daring than the last.

“It’s an exercise in pure cinema, an abstract painting of a crime story.”
-The Star


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Event Information

Sunday, October 27, 2019

  •   110 minutes
AMC River East 21
322 E Illinois St
Chicago, IL 60611 United States

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