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A Family Affair

Paying tribute to the endurance and adaptability of family, these portraits of parents and grandparents acknowledge their strength and resilience over time.


Kaudo (The Gift)

Natalie Paton | Canada | Age 20

An immigrant family wrestles with cultural differences during Christmastime when their young son Amir expresses excitement about his Secret Santa assignment at school.

I Hope You Remember This Moment

Apoorba Misra | Minnesota/India | Age 22

Inspired by the fear she felt when her father fell into a coma, the filmmaker contemplates the reconstruction of memories and the temporal links between past, present and future.

Blue Belt

Liam Harrington | Australia | Age 22

Set in a laundromat in the early 2000’s, Blue Belt explores the isolating experience of a financially strapped single mother trying to provide for her son.


Emma Albrecht | North Carolina | Age 21

On a long-awaited trip to their mother’s childhood home in North Dakota, the filmmaker and their mom explore feelings of loss, guilt, and joy on returning home.

Vinyl Beginning

Lulu Chiang | Taiwan | Age 16

An 80-year-old man reminisces about the good old days spent in a vinyl record shop, bringing his past selves to life by riding the melodic waves of his memories.


Vejune Sidaugaite | Chicago | Age 22

Audrone grew up in Soviet-occupied Lithuania and spent her life thinking that tattoos were reserved for soldiers and criminals. At age 53, she decides to get her first tattoo.

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Saturday, April 23, 2022

  •   6 shorts | 53 minutes
1517 W Fullerton Ave
Chicago, IL 60614 United States


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