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CineYouth Festival: She Persisted (Women in Cinema)

A revolution is brewing, and women filmmakers are leading the charge. These clever, incisive, and deeply-felt films revel in subverting traditional representation. A post-screening discussion with select filmmakers will follow this program. (67 minutes)

Film Still: Tundra


Carol Nguyen | Canada | Age 20
Aching with sympathy, Tundra follows a mother who dreams about her missing daughter, trying to cope with her loss while navigating a chilly environment at home.

Film Still: Witches and Bitches in Britches, Oh My!

Witches and Bitches in Britches, Oh My!

Raine Bracken | Canada | Age 20
Macabre environments set the stage for a commentary on the power of language, demonstrated through the history of the word “witch” and its continued relevance in today’s society.

Film Still: Periods and Other Lady Bits

Periods and Other Lady Bits

Katrina Nilles | La Grange, IL | Age 21
Illustrated with empathy and tenderness, three women in various stages of their lives share intimate stories about their relationships with their bodies.

Film Still: Goose Town

Goose Town

Nikki Milan Houston | Chicago, IL | Age 20
Despondently driving around an industrial foreign town, a single mother posing as a customer service representative makes calls from different pay phones, attempting to reach the father of her child.

Film Still: A Makeup Tutorial

A Makeup Tutorial

Olivia Schroder | Indianapolis, IN | Age 17
In a shocking and innovative tutorial, a young girl shares with us her greatest beauty secret. The results are absolutely stunning!

Film Still: Space Ghosts

Space Ghosts

Helenor Harris-Evans, Tra My Anderson, Nicolas Ferree | Richmond, VA | Age 18
Waking up to find herself trapped in a spaceship, a young woman learns to come to terms with her loneliness with the help of an instructional VHS tape.

Film Still: Mad Lib Pixie Dream Girl

Mad Lib Pixie Dream Girl

Kylie Murphy | Shrewsberry, NJ | Age 22
Using the best kept secret in the film industry, two desperate male screenwriters create a relentlessly bubbly and quirky female character as the love interest of their leading man.

Film Still: Party of Two

Party of Two

Maria Alvarez | Los Angeles, CA | Age 21
Over the course of one emotionally tumultuous night, a depressed Maxine encounters a carefree woman who helps her discover a reason to live.


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Flashpoint Chicago

Event Information

Sunday, April 28, 2019


Music Box Theatre
3733 N Southport Ave
Chicago, IL 60613

All CineYouth screenings free and open to the public. RSVP for advanced tickets.

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