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CineYouth Festival: Young Visionaries (Experimental)

Utilizing a variety of visual formats, these poetic and ambitious experiments in short filmmaking explore nostalgia, self-love, and the powerful influence of the past. A post-screening discussion with select filmmakers will follow this program. (49 minutes)

Film Still: Nostos


Anastasia Comelli | Australia | Age 21
A sunny and nostalgic personal recollection of intergenerational stories and experiences passed down, reinterpreting the ancient Greek literary theme Nostos: an epic hero’s homeward journey from sea.

Film Still: SELF.


Mackie Mallison | Brooklyn, NY | Age 19
Four humorously troubling vignettes that explore how social media has changed the way we view ourselves, stripping away the mask of happiness to reveal the melancholic qualities of contemporary self-obsession.

Film Still: I am afraid of the lights

I am afraid of the lights

Kiernan Francis | Chicago, IL | Age 17
A montage of the day in the life of a high school student, where over-stimulating classroom and social environments lead to feelings of dissociation.

Film Still: Honey, Baby, Doll

Honey, Baby, Doll

Kate Von Mende | Los Angeles, CA | Age 17
Mixing stop-motion animation with live action footage, the anxiety ridden psyche of a teenage girl is embodied by a Barbie doll defending herself against a swarm of sticky googly eyes.

Film Still: Gate of Understanding

Gate of Understanding

Keng U Lao | Macau | Age 22
Take a reflexive tour of Macau’s “Gate of Understanding” monument, originally built in 1993 in honor of Luso-Chinese relations, which has since been cordoned off after falling into disrepair.

Film Still: Miss Pristine

Miss Pristine

Halina Leona Katz | Canada | Age 18
In this transgressive music video for HEX Toronto, a group of women gleefully dissect human organs in parallel with a surreal montage of antiquated medical imagery.

Film Still: Someday My Daughter Will Make Art About When I Was Young

Someday My Daughter Will Make Art About When I Was Young

Tessa Hill | Canada | Age 17
Using scanned photographs and drawings, the filmmaker immerses herself in the process of understanding her mother and, in turn, herself through the eyes of her future daughter.

Film Still: Umbilical Cord to Heaven

Umbilical Cord to Heaven

Don Josephus Raphael Eblahan | Philippines | Age 22
In modern day Philippines, a metaphysical merging of past and present permeates through the landscape as ancient deities are reawakened, causing people to experience the spiritual connection between body and nature.

Event Information

Sunday, April 28, 2019


Music Box Theatre
3733 N Southport Ave
Chicago, IL 60613

All CineYouth screenings free and open to the public. RSVP for advanced tickets.

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