The Prophet and the Space Aliens

  Yoav Shamir

  Israel, Austria 86 minutes

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Founded in the 1970s by Frenchman Claude Vorilhon (a.k.a Raël), the International Raëlian Movement is a quasi-religious cult built on the idea that aliens created the human race. When acclaimed Israeli director Yoav Shamir (Checkpoint) is invited by the charismatic Raël to chronicle his followers’ colorful ways of life and meet free-spirited members across the globe, the director finds more questions than answers: Is Raël a modern-day prophet or a scam artist? And even if Raëlism is bunk, is it really so different from other religions? This funny and fascinating documentary examines the complexities of belief and devotion in ways both unexpected and enlightening.

The Prophet is enlivened by Shamir’s warm rapport with the gentle, unassuming Rael, who seems relatively level-headed — except, of course, for his strange anecdotes about being picked up by extra-terrestrials”

 English, French, Japanese, Jula with subtitles 



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