The Comeback Revansch

  Patrik Eklund

  Sweden 93 minutes

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Available to stream Oct 14-25 in the United States.
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A promising badminton player in her youth, Annbritt lost the Swedish championship finals in 1983, and, three decades later, she still hasn’t recovered from the defeat. Convinced that the loss was the result of the umpire’s missed call, she has since spiraled downward, a bottle of alcohol her constant companion. Buoyed by the unflagging enthusiasm of her son Matthias, who eagerly awaits her comeback, Annbritt is persuaded to train for a rematch against her old rival, in true Rocky Balboa style. But is the embittered, often-pickled aging athlete up to the challenge? Oscar nominee Patrik Eklund’s offbeat comedy with a heart holds out the hope that life just possibly might offer second chances.

 Swedish with subtitles