Summer of ’85 Été 85

  François Ozon

  France 100 minutes

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Available to stream Oct 14-25 in the United States.


A summer romance takes a dark turn in this mesmerizing coming-of age story set on the Normandy coast. After capsizing his friend’s boat in a storm, teenage Alexis is first rescued by the ever-charismatic David, then seduced by his irresistible charm and devil-may-care attitude. But what begins as a carefree, passion-filled adventure for Alex, swept along by the vagaries of young love, becomes something more sinister as demons from David’s past emerge. Shot on 16 mm film and immersed in peak 1980s fashion and music, inimitable French filmmaker François Ozon’s hypnotic tale slowly builds and then races head-on toward an inexorable conclusion.

“A breezy first-love flashback to more innocent times, Ozon’s latest recalls life not just before COVID-19 but, more importantly, before AIDS overshadowed what it meant to come out.” –Variety

 French with subtitles 



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