Shorts 8: Realms Unknown (Experimental)


  Belgium, Greece, Russia, United States 60 minutes


This collection of aesthetically bold works envisions new worlds both personal and cosmic. Masterfully crafted and elegantly composed, these experiments in science fiction embark on an odyssey toward the outer reaches of human experience and cinema. Featuring works by Jacqueline Lentzou, Dorian Jespers, and Ben Rivers.

Sofia’s anxiety attack becomes an intergalactic dialogue with the universe in The End of Suffering (a proposal) (Greece). Sun Dog (Russia/Belgium) follows the wanderings of a young locksmith living in a frozen city in the Russian Arctic. His surreal dreams corrode his relationship to reality and create a phantasmagoric universe. Look Then Below (U.S.) conjures futuristic beings and smoke-filled landscapes as it documents fantastic new worlds beyond the realms of time and space.

 English, Greek, Russian with subtitles