Shorts 4: The World As We Know It (Documentary)


  Austria, Hong Kong, Morocco, Poland, United Kingdom, United States 93 minutes


Personal, political, philosophical, and emotional, this collection of films showcases the very best in documentary form—from essayistic meditations to vérité assemblages and deeply-felt human portraits. Featuring works by Kanas Liu, Jamie Meltzer and Chris Filippone, Katarzyna Warzecha, Carmine Grimaldi, Erica Beebe, and Robin Klengel, Leonhard Müllner and Michael Stumpf.

Shot on the streets of Hong Kong during the 2019 Extradition Bill protests, Comrades (Hong Kong) is a moving portrait of uprising and solidarity. Huntsville Station (U.S.) observes the comings and goings of a Greyhound station near Huntsville State Penitentiary—the first stop for inmates released on parole. Sifting through old letters between his parents, Adam uncovers an extraordinary family secret in the emotional animated We Have One Heart (Poland). Profiling a pastor, his wife, and a dwindling congregation, When Two or Three (U.S.) is a picture of faith and the search for God in small-town Arizona. Radia (UK) is a shepherd and farmer whose childhood and circumstances  prevented her from access to education. The film is an urgent observation about prescriptive fate, agency, and determination. How to Disappear (Austria) contemplates the act of desertion within the world of a videogame.

 Cantonese, Darija, English, Polish with subtitles 


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