Shorts 3: A Creeping Chill (After Dark)


  Canada, France, The Netherlands, United States 87 minutes


From bodily fluids to walking nightmares, grave peril abounds in this program of audacious late-night fare. Triumphs of mood and tone, these films give voice to persistent feelings of dread and unease. Featuring works by Santiago Menghini, Ariel Zengotita, Jennifer Lumbroso, Parker Finn, Jasper De Bruin, and Ariane Boukerche.

A man in the throes of Regret (Canada) must survive the night when the physical manifestation of his inner demons begins to stalk him. A reclusive college student is driven insane after picking a booger he can’t Flick (U.S.) away. After an accident in the French countryside, a woman feverishly escapes to the woods in order to survive. She becomes The Doe (France). In Laura Hasn’t Slept (U.S.), an insomniac solicits the help of her therapist in a desperate attempt to escape her nightmares. Nightingale (The Netherlands) ponders a hospital’s eerie hallways as a nurse makes her rounds on the night shift. In They Salivate (France), a couple’s kiss becomes an unforgettable, hypnotic study of human relationships.

 Dutch, English, French with subtitles 


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