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Fireball: Visitors from Darker Worlds

  Werner Herzog and Clive Oppenheimer

  United Kingdom, United States 97 minutes

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Available to stream October 20 at 4pm CT for a 6-hour window
in the United States.

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Livestream Filmmaker Q&A:

With directors Werner Herzog and Clive Oppenheimer


Following their award-winning films Encounters at the End of the World and Into the Inferno, legendary filmmaker Werner Herzog and volcanologist Clive Oppenheimer take viewers on an extraordinary globe-trotting journey to discover the deep impact that meteorites have had on our planet, both physical and psychic. From the tiniest micrometeoroids to massive shooting stars (which have left “unimaginable apocalypse,” intones Herzog, in their wake), Fireball combines affable portraits of idiosyncratic scientists with a fascinating contemplation of the universe and what it means for the human race when pieces of the cosmos leave their mark.

“The filmmaker’s steady companion, cinematographer Peter Zeitlinger, provides awe-inspiring photography of gorgeous crystals and aerial shots of these massive craters. “Dark Worlds” is always best when it feels personal to all involved.”




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