Days Rizi

  Tsai Ming-Liang

  Taiwan 127 minutes

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  Virtual SOLD OUT

Available to stream Oct 14-25 in the Midwestern United States
(Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri).


Special Mention, Berlin Film Festival

Isolated and lonely, Kang drifts through an urban landscape searching for relief from an unknown ailment. Shut off from the outside world, Non lives in a sparse apartment, meticulously going through the motions of his daily routine. The two meet in an anonymous hotel room with hopes of finding consolation and healing in one another. Crafting visuals with quiet patience and stunning composition, master filmmaker Tsai-Ming Liang imbues his onscreen world with simple images and multiple meanings. Featuring a pair of brilliant, wordless performances, this beautifully spare film is a cathartic meditation on human connection in a world of alienation.

“We fell into the daze of Days, which isn’t deep, but distracts from our own physical aches and isolation.”

 No Dialogue