David Byrne’s American Utopia

  Spike Lee

  United States

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Playing Thurs, Oct 15 @ 7:00pm at ChiTown Movies.
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In this one-of-a-kind concert film, Oscar-winning director Spike Lee brings the Talking Heads frontman’s critically acclaimed Broadway show to vivid life. Recorded during its recent run in New York City, the production sees Byrne joined by an ensemble of 11 musicians, singers, and dancers from around the globe—including Chicago bassist Bobby Wooten III and Milwaukee guitarist Angie Swan. Together, they invite audiences into a joyous, surreal staged landscape, suffused with the spirit of human connection and social justice. Featuring songs from Byrne’s 2018 solo album in addition to popular Talking Heads favorites such as “Once in a Lifetime” and “Burning Down the House,” and a rousing cover of Janelle Monáe’s protest song “Hell You Talmbout.”

“Byrne’s music and Lee’s craftsmanship work together to shake people out of complacency in multiple ways—find your joy, find your outrage, find something.”



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