Any Crybabies Around? Naku Ko wa Ineega

  Sato Takuma

  Japan 106 minutes

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Available to stream Oct 19-25 in the United States.

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With director Sato Takuma


Young parent Tasuku (rising star Taiga Nakano) has spent his life assiduously avoiding any responsibility in his small town in northern Japan. But when he’s caught drunk and naked on live national TV coverage at the local Namahage festival, in which men dress as ogres and scare children into behaving, he flees to Tokyo in shame. After two years of rock-bottom city living, he returns home, ready to embrace adulthood. But will the town and his family have him back? Skillfully weaving traditional culture into a thoroughly contemporary story, this sensitive and assured drama asks what it truly means to be a man.

“The director builds a film that deals with the transition to adulthood, shame and necessity of redemption.”

 Japanese with subtitles