And Tomorrow the Entire World Und morgen die ganze Welt

  Julia von Heinz

  Germany 111 minutes

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Available to stream Oct 14-25 in the United States.
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How far would you go to stand up for what you believe in? Wide-eyed and idealistic law student Luisa is convinced by best friend Batte to move into an Antifa commune in Berlin, leaving the comfort of her parents’ middle-class home behind. While most of the residents hold to non-violent ideals, one faction, led by the charismatic Alfa, starts preparing to take more radical action to counter the ever-louder voices of their adversaries on the far-right. Already torn between her loyalty to her longtime friend and her attraction to Alfa, Luisa soon finds herself surprised by the changing nature of her own personal and political convictions. This urgent, layered drama finely details the many faces of activism and dissects the nature of justice in the face of extremism.

“Writer-director Julia von Heinz breaks through with a solidly gripping film.”

 German with subtitles 



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