Reel Women | 12:00PM

Reel Women | Saturday, May 7 – 12:00PM

This hour presents some of the best films from our female filmmakers. Examining personal stories of culture, race, family and friendship, and spanning the globe from Belgium to Chicago, these ten titles prove it: girls rock. 

Screen-Shot-2015-02-12-at-2.33.56-PM_670Modern Yellow
Asuka Lin
Moraga, CA / age 17
A documentary about Asians living in a modern, American society and the racial prejudices they must face.


Camping Trip Still HQCamping Trip
Audrey Larson
Boston, MA / age 17
Bree is living in a run-down apartment with her unemployed single father. We he announces that he’s taking Bree on a camping trip, she can’t help getting excited; but the trip doesn’t go according to plan. 

Interview with Director Still 1Interview with a Director
Ivana Noa
Belgium / age 13
Mokhallad Rasem has been born in war, has survived two other wars, has lived in a bunker all of his childhood. The inspiration of his father and family have driven him to study and become one of the most prospective young theater directors in Belgium.



Carol Nguyen
Ontario, CA / age 17
It’s pinecone season. Two girls dig a hole.


Journey of a Refugee HQ StillThe Journey of a Refugee
Kayla Dutton
Chicago, IL / age 21
This documentary tells the story of refugees traveling through Lesvos on their voyage westward.



Lady of Paint CreekLady of Paint Creek
Alexia Salingaros
San Antonio, TX / age 17
A woman, trapped in a society of mindless ritual and minimal emotion, must find it in herself to escape—and face the consequences.


Para Cuba 3Para Cuba
Angela Soyeon Chon, Mikaela Wolfsdorf
Studio City, CA / ages 16 – 17
Two teen journalists travel to Cuba to learn how the embargo has affected life on the tiny island.


RunRunAway300-2Run, Run Away
Ruby Rae Drake
San Francisco, CA / age 18
A high school track star doesn’t want to face the reality of her relationships with her family and friends. 

The Dancer's BodyThe Dancer’s Body
Irene Yang
Chicago, IL / age 20
Born as a male but with feminine feelings since childhood, JJ has gone through her family’s disproval and society’s prejudice. Now JJ is striving toward her dream of becoming a dancer.


Sept. Can't SleepSeptember Can’t Sleep
Mia Neumann
Wilmette, IL / age 18
An experimental animation film about a girl realizing who she’s waking up next to.

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