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Join us! FREE International Screenings Program is underway!

It's another wonderful summer of international films as our 10th annual International Screenings program is underway! Together with 20 consulates and cultural organizations and the City of Chicago, we're again presenting an amazing line-up of films, ranging from a funny, culturally incisive South African documentary (You Laugh But It’s True) to Thailand's answer to The Social Network (The Billionaire). Our audiences travel the world from the comfort of their theater seats for 21 weeks.

Why do we love this program? Every week we see people from Chicago's many and diverse neighborhoods
and international tourists come together, discover different cultures through film, and exchange ideas, insights and opinions.  The program began 10 years ago with only 4 films, from 4 countries over 4 weeks. Skip ahead 10 years and the International Screenings Program has grown to 21 films, 21 countries, 21 weeks, and twice weekly screenings  - all driven by the enthusiasm of our passionate audiences!

I've been a part of this program since I started
at the Festival 8 years ago, and I'm amazed that every year I continue to see people that I met at my first film in 2006! But I also love to see all of the new faces every week. One loyal attendee recently told me, "Before I started coming to this program, I had never watched a foreign film. I just thought that I wouldn't enjoy reading subtitles. Well, I realized that it wasn't a big deal, and now I can't get enough and am always on the lookout for more!"  Nothing makes me happier than knowing that we've played a small part in bringing new perspectives and great world cinema to Chicago audiences!

I hope you'll join us at the International Screenings program and the 49th Chicago International Film Festival where are journey together continues….

For the schedule and more information, please
click here.

Free and open to the public.

Vivian Teng
Managing Director