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2004 — 40th Chicago Film Festival


International Feature Film Competition
Gold Hugo Kontroll (Director: Nimrod Antal)
Silver Hugo Day and Night (Director: Simon Staho)
Silver Hugo Whisky (Director: Juan Pablo Rebella)
Gold Hugo - Best Doc Feature Born into Brothels (Director: Zana Briski)
Silver Hugo - Best Doc Feature Battleground: 21 Days on the Empire's Edge (Director: Stephen Marshall)
Gold Hugo - Best Short Film Cashback (Director: Sean Ellis)
Gold Hugo - Best Animated Short Film Creature Comforts - "Cats or Dogs?" (Director: Richard Golezowski)
Silver Hugo - Animated Short Film Dublin 1 (Director: Jason Tammem├Ągi)
Gold Hugo - Best Student Film Shock Act (Director: Seth Grossman)
Silver Hugo - Narrative Short Film The Surprise (Director: Lancelot von Naso)