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2012 — 48th Chicago Film Festival

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Waiting for P.O. Box Waiting for P.O. Box

Director: Bassam Chekhes

Two young filmmakers, Mustafa and Ayoub, are about to make their new film. On the night before their meeting with potential funders, they have some very interesting dreams. The story of an orange that grew … without a tree.

Part of: Shorts 5: Spotlight Middle East

Arabic with subtitles, 15 min

War Witch War Witch

Director: Kim Nguyen

A remarkable, inspiring story of human resilience, War Witch tells the story of Komona, a 14-year-old girl whose life took a drastic, tragic turn when armed rebels stormed her village. Forced to join the rebel army and endure brutal training, Komona learns to survive, and even falls in love. Although she wishes to forget, the now-pregnant Komona realizes she must reconcile herself with her painful past.

French and Lingala with subtitles, 90 min

The Weekend The Weekend

Director: Nina Grosse

Based on a novel by Bernard Schlink (The Reader), The Weekend follows Jens as he leaves prison 18 years after being arrested as an RAF terrorist in Germany. Back with his family, friends, and ex-comrades, including his former lover Inga, Jens’ unexpected arrival disrupts their lives, forcing them to re-examine the violent idealism of their youth, especially as he insists on learning who had betrayed him to the police years before in this intense, gripping drama.

German with subtitles, 97 min

Westerland Westerland

Director: Tim Staffel

In the midst of a freezing winter on the island of Sylt, Cem comes across Jesús, who is on the verge of committing suicide. The two young men become fast friends, with their friendship unexpectedly threatening to develop into something more. Cem and Jesús - laconic, alienated loners - find their previously uneventful lives starting to spin out of control now that each has someone who means something to him.

German with subtitles, 90 min

Where the Buffalo Roam Where the Buffalo Roam

Director: Brad Bischoff

Wandering amongst the plotted rows of houses within the motherly arms of the suburbs, two brothers sip liquid courage in this honest, atmospheric film about the fear of change and leaving home behind.

Part of: Shorts 1: City & State

English, 19 min

Winter of Discontent Winter of Discontent

Director: Ibrahim El-Batout

Set in the midst of the Tahrir Square demonstrations that, in early 2011, changed Egypt forever, Winter of Discontent explores the uncertainty, anxiety, and euphoria that filled the days and nights leading up to the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak. As seen through the eyes of activist Amr, journalist Farah, and State Security officer Adel, momentous, world-changing events unfold on the ground in urgent, intimate detail.

Arabic with subtitles, 94 min

The World Is Funny The World Is Funny


The World Is Funny follows the wanderings of a loose network of characters. Told with meticulous precision, the connections between the characters and the profound implications of their stories grow in richness and complexity as the film progresses. A sharp, ironic sense of humor enriches a melancholy yet inspiring film that has been a gigantic hit in Israel, earning a record-setting 15 Ophir nominations (the Israeli Academy Awards®).

Hebrew with subtitles, 122 min

Written in Ink Written in Ink

Director: Martin Rath

The compelling story of a man trying to get back in touch with his sister after fourteen years that asks if one can change what has already been Written in Ink?

Part of: Shorts 6: Truth Be Told

Polish with subtitles, 12 min