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2013 — 49th Chicago Film Festival

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The Verdict The Verdict

Director: Jan Verheyen

A successful businessman with a beautiful wife and daughter, Luc Segers leads an idyllic life. It all falls apart when a botched burglary leads to the murder of his wife and the death of his daughter. Luc quickly identifies the killer but a procedural error lets him off scot-free, devastating Luc even further. A taut, award-winning courtroom thriller, The Verdict follows Luc’s obsessive efforts to enact justice.

Flemish with English Subtitles, 112

The Village The Village

Director: Liliana Sulzbach

A portrait of Itapuã, a strange and unique community with only 35 residents, all over the age of 60, and a dark secret in its past.

Part of Shorts 6: Nature or Nurture?

Portuguese, 25

Viva La Libertà Viva La Libertà

Director: Roberto Andò

When Enrico (Tony Servillo), the leader of Italy’s opposition party, abandons politics and disappears without a trace, the party leadership finds itself at a loss - until they uncover his long-estranged mad genius lookalike brother, Giovanni, fresh out of a mental institution. Passing perfectly for Enrico, Giovanni quickly garners overwhelming public support with his bracingly candid political ravings. Equal parts absurdist and contemplative, Viva la Libertà offers a droll satire of contemporary Italian politics.

Italian with English subtitles, 94

Voyage Voyage

Hong Kong
Director: Scud

Young psychiatrist Ryo attempts to find catharsis by ruminating on the stories of his patients who have taken their own lives. While on a lone voyage off the coast of Southeast Asia, he writes about each patient, the film staging each of these vignettes in a beautiful surrealist landscape. As Ryo tries to find solace, he realizes that life and death are both part of the same great journey in this surprisingly playful meditation on depression.