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2011 — 47th Chicago Film Festival

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The Vacuum Kid The Vacuum Kid

Director: Katharine Mahalic

Kyle is a 5th grade boy from Michigan who stands up for what he believes in - his love for the vacuum cleaner. What started out as an obsession has now made him into a source of pride and curiosity. But it's not always easy being a town celebrity. Kyle understands something many people never will - love is worth the risk. A wonderful documentary character study- respectful, touching, and very funny.

11 min

Valley of the Forgotten Valley of the Forgotten

Director: Maria Raduan

In a secluded area of Brazil’s Mato Grosso region, an impossible land dispute rages between Indians evicted from their homeland, squatters, land-grabbers, the Landless Workers Movement, and the ranchers who own property. With no resolution in sight and violence threatening to erupt at any moment, the film looks closely at each group’s perspective, offering a meditation on the concept of private property across social and cultural boundaries.

Portugese with subtitles, 72 min

Venus Venus

Director: Tor Fruergaard

Caroline and Rasmus are in a mess. They have not had sex for four months. To Caroline's great dismay Rasmus believes the answer is to be found at the local swingers' club, and Caroline reluctantly agrees to go with him to the club in an attempt to save their relationship, with unexpected results. Shortbus meets Wallace and Gromit in this risqué, touching and completely original Claymation.

Danish, with subtitles, 8 min

Volcano Volcano

Denmark / Iceland
Director: Rúnar Rúnarsson

An unconventional coming-of-age tale wrapped in a tender love story, this debut feature presents a portrait of compassionate devotion and an unflinching look at aging. When Hannes retires at age 67, it seems that life "well, meaningful life" has come to an end. Estranged from family and friends, Hannes' most intimate relationship is with his boat, until a series of drastic events causes him to take stock of his life.

Icelandic with subtitles, 99 min