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2011 — 47th Chicago Film Festival

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Undefeated Undefeated

Director: Daniel Lindsay

Set in Memphis, Undefeated chronicles the Manassas Tigers’ 2009 football season as they strive to win the first playoff game in the high school’s 110-year history. A perennial whipping boy, in recent decades Manassas had gone so far as to sell their home games to the highest bidder, but that all changed in the spring of 2004 when Bill Courtney volunteered to lend a hand. The football program began resurrecting itself and, in 2009, features the most talented team it has ever fielded.

113 min

The Unliving The Unliving

Director: Hugo Lilja

Thirty years after a zombie outbreak, people have started taming and using the zombies as a cheap workforce. The young couple, Katrine and Mark, struggle with the tedious everyday life of dirty zombie catching, bloody lobotomy experiments and a relationship on the verge of falling apart. Featuring truly exceptional production and complex, intriguing characters, The Unliving was the winner of the Best European Short Film award at the 2011 Berlin Film Festival.

Swedish, with subtitles, 28 min