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2012 — 48th Chicago Film Festival

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Tastes Like Chicken? Tastes Like Chicken?

Director: Quico Meirelles

A witty, thought provoking experimental short following a factory farm chicken who has a vision: she becomes aware of the wheels that rule her life and her ultimate destiny.

Part of: Shorts 7: Chaos Theory

English, 15 min

Tchoupitoulas Tchoupitoulas

Directors: Bill Ross and Turner Ross

Produced by members of the film collective behind the acclaimed Beasts of the Southern Wild, Tchoupitoulas provides a very different evocation of New Orleans life. The Ross brothers’ cameras follow three young boys and their dog as they cheerfully wander the French Quarter from sunset to sunrise. The result is a lyrical city symphony, capturing New Orleans, childhood, and the spirit of exploration with quiet observation and deft imagery.

English, 80 min

Tey Tey

Director: Alain Gomis

What would you do if you knew today was your last day on earth? A joyous, impressionistic celebration of life and death, Tey follows Satché (played by musician Saül Williams) from the moment he wakes, with full knowledge of his imminent passing. Wandering through the streets of his hometown, Satché reminisces about his friends and family, reflecting on the choices he has made and their consequences.

French, Wolof, and Mandinka with subtitles, 89 min

This is London This is London

Bahrain / UAE
Director: Mohammed Rashed BuAli

A rodent gets in the way of a couple's mission to send the perfect photograph to their son in London in this entertaining comedy.

Part of: Shorts 5: Spotlight Middle East

Arabic with English subtitles, 17 min

The Three Disappearances of Soad Hosni The Three Disappearances of Soad Hosni

Director: Rania Stephan

One of the most revered actresses in Middle Eastern cinema, Soad Hosni was a staple of the Egyptian screen in the 1960s and 1970s. This unconventional, lovingly crafted tribute recreates Hosni’s life story exclusively through her fictional performances, mined from VHS tapes that preserve this rich period of Egyptian film history.

Arabic with subtitles, 70 min

TSTL/ King Lost His Tooth TSTL/ King Lost His Tooth

Director: Gheith Al-Amine

An experimental diptych which pays subversive homage to the 'cut-up' method - consisting of haphazard assemblage of words and phrases cut from a given paragraph. New meanings emerge through random or intentional syntax formations.

Part of: Shorts 5: Spotlight Middle East

English, 5 min