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2011 — 47th Chicago Film Festival

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Take Me Home Take Me Home

Director: Sam Jaeger

Thom (Sam Jaeger, NBC’S Parenthood) just can’t win. After losing a job offer and getting evicted, he decides to buckle up as an illegal New York City cab driver. When he picks up Claire (Amber Jaeger), they embark on a trip neither one anticipated. This comedy finds solace in the back seat of a cab, the landscape of the USA, and even in a complete stranger. This classic road movie shows how a little cross-country drive can lead you to a different exit.

97 min

Target Target

Director: Alexander Zeldovich

The year is 2020. The place, Russia. Four members of the country’s elite go out in search of the fountain of youth in this sci-fi take on Anna Karenina. Their goal is a secret military science facility that guards and administers the secret to eternal life which happens to also include an amped up sex drive. Throw in goggles that measure the good and evil in a person and this lurid, highly stylized, near giddy Russian production is sure to become a cult hit.

Russian with subtitles, 154 min

Three Musketeers Three Musketeers

Director: Paul W.S. Anderson

They are known as Porthos, Athos, and Aramis - three elite warriors who serve the King of France as his best Musketeers. After discovering an evil conspiracy to overthrow the King, the Musketeers come across a young, aspiring hero - D'Artagnan - and take him under their wing. Together, the four embark on a dangerous mission to foil the plot that not only threatens the Crown, but the future of Europe itself in this big-screen action adventure update of the Alexandre Dumas' novel shot in state-of-the-art 3D.

100 min

Ticket to Paradise Ticket to Paradise


What would you do to get to paradise? Eunice, no longer able to tolerate her father’s abuse, flees the small town she calls home. She falls in with the “freakies”, a gang of hard-living street kids, who embrace her, but then the group finds out that the local AIDS facility offers food, clothing, and shelter. Eunice once again finds herself alone as the rest of the group decides they want in - whatever the cost. A highly compelling chronicle of disaffected youth culture in Cuba.

Spanish with subtitles, 88 min

Time After Time Time After Time

Director: Laurie Thomas

A Cyndi Lauper singalong becomes about much more than just the song in this wonderfully effective cinematic portrayal of “awkwardness.”

4 min

Tomboy Tomboy

Director: Céline Sciamma

Gender identity and friendship lie at the heart of this sweet, heartbreaking film. After moving into a new home with her mother and sister, 10-year-old Laure willingly poses as a boy after being confused for one by neighbor Lisa. As Michael, Laure soon wins the admiration of neighborhood boys for her soccer skills and girls for her sensitivity. No matter how imaginative Laure is in dealing with boy issues, keeping her true identity secret will prove difficult as she and Lisa become closer.

French with subtitles, 84 min

Top Floor, Left Wing Top Floor, Left Wing

Director: Angelo Cianci

It was supposed to be just a routine day for respected bailiff Francois Echeverria. But when he arrives at an apartment in the Parisian projects to collect unpaid rent, he is unexpectedly taken hostage by an edgy teenage son and his reluctant Algerian father. Word of terrorist activity spreads quickly, and with trigger-happy cops waiting outside and the media closing in, they have to decide what to do about their hostage, five kilos of cocaine, and closely guarded secrets in this comedy.

French, Arabic with subtitles, 93 min

Traumdeutung Traumdeutung

Director: Laurie Warsta

Dreams, squirrels and videotapes. A man dreams of a squirrel and then - backed up by battery of machines - mounts an inquiry into the apparition of squirrels in other people’s dreams. Traumdeutung is a funny and thought-provoking journey into the global reserve of dreams which blurs the borders between documentary and the surreal.

4 min

The Truth The Truth

Director: Hill Harper

After a succession of late work nights, unexplained whereabouts and suspicious behavior, Carter, suspecting that his wife Betty has been unfaithful and demanding to know the truth, receives news that devastates their marriage and forever changes their lives - while imparting an important life lesson.

15 min

The Turin Horse The Turin Horse


Turin 1899: Nietzsche witnesses a horse being whipped and subsequently retreats into madness. The Turin Horse observes the life of that fateful horse as well as its owners, a farmer and his daughter, who struggle to survive in harsh conditions. A sparse, dramatic and almost silent tale, it is a fitting finale for acclaimed director Béla Tarr, who has announced this to be his last film.

Hungarian with subtitles, 146 min

Turn Me On, Dammit! Turn Me On, Dammit!

Director: Jannicke Systad Jacobsen

Fifteen-year-old Alma feels trapped in her small Norwegian town. To curb her restlessness and active imagination and to satiate her sexual appetite, Alma regularly calls a phone sex hotline. After an awkward encounter with a crush turns her into a social pariah, Alma decides to run away to Oslo. Funny, quirky and endearing, Turn Me On, Dammit! charmingly captures the ups and downs of teenage sexuality.

Norwegian with subtitles, 76 min

Tyrannosaur Tyrannosaur

Director: Paddy Considine

Actor Paddy Considine (In America) delivers a gritty tale of self-destruction and redemption in his feature-length directorial debut. Expanded from his award-winning short film, Dog Altogether, Tyrannosaur follows the unlikely friendship between rage-filled Joseph (Peter Mullan) and Christian Goodwill store worker, Hannah (Olivia Colman). Mullan’s electrifying performance finds a perfect counterpoint in Colman’s measured portrayal.

91 min