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2013 — 49th Chicago Film Festival

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Raze Raze

Director: Josh C. Waller

A young woman awakens in a concrete bunker, quickly discovering that she is not alone. Before she realizes what is happening, she is in combat for her life. So begins the first round of a modern-day gladiatorial tournament in which young women fight each other to the death at the whim of their sadistic unseen captors. If they lose, their loved ones will pay the price. Starring Tarantino’s go-to stunt woman, Zoe Bell, this gritty, ultra-violent tale pulls no punches.


Reindeer Reindeer

Director: Eva Weber

A haunting portrait of reindeer herding in the twilight expanses of Lapland.

Part of Shorts 6: Nature or Nurture?


Remember Me Remember Me

Director: Jean-Francois Asselin

Matthieu’s desperate struggle to be remembered begins to threaten his relationships.

Part of Shorts 4: Our Lovers' Story

French, 15

Reset Reset

Directors: Fredrik Akerstrom and Marcus Kryler

A little girl lives on a remote farm where she receives a monthly letter from her father.

Part of Shorts 3: Midnight Mayhem

Swedish, 15

Rhino Full Throttle Rhino Full Throttle

Director: Erick Schmitt

Bruno falls immediately and deeply in love, but the object of his affections has other plans.

Part of Shorts 4: Our Lovers' Story

German, 15