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2009 — 45th Chicago International Film Festival

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Rabbit Punch Rabbit Punch

Director: Kristian Andrews

Two mischief makers are brewing trouble in their neighborhood. Nothing happens where they live, so they decide to conduct some specials operations.

Rabbit Punch will be presented as part of the short film program, Shorts 2: Animation Nations: Information & Show Times

5 minutes

Racing Dreams Racing Dreams

Director: Marshall Curry

Academy Award®-nominated director Marshall Curry (Street Fight) returns with an equally exhilarating and emotional documentary following a year in the life of three top go-kart racers as they compete for the national championship. Barely 13 years old, Anna, Josh, and Brandon—and their families—must find out if they truly have what it takes to make it to NASCAR. Racing Dreams won the top documentary prize at the Tribeca Film Festival.

95 minutes

Raging Sun, Raging Sky Raging Sun, Raging Sky

Director: Julián Hernández

This strangely hypnotic tale follows a young man's quest for love through the seediest spots in contemporary Mexico City. Named best gay-themed feature at Berlin, the film creates a deeply sensual atmosphere by blending intense eroticism and arresting monochrome visuals. For art film lovers, the rewards are worth the challenge.

Spanish with subtitles, 191 minutes

Rain Rain

Director: Maria Govan

When her grandma dies, 14-year-old Rain is sent to live with her drug-addicted mother in the poverty-stricken ghettos of Nassau. The irony of disease, drug addictions, prostitution, and poverty—set against the tourist-filled island backdrop—is difficult to ignore as these women struggle to find an inner strength to overcome their seemingly inescapable destiny.

93 minutes

The Rapture of Fe The Rapture of Fe

Director: Alvin Yapan

Caught between her violent husband and a dithering young lover, Fe's life takes a scary turn when baskets of black fruit begin unexpectedly appearing at her door. At first the enigma is endearing, but soon Fe realizes someone (or is it something?) sinister is looking to join her love triangle…. Blurring the boundaries between the mundane and the mysterious, The Rapture of Fe is the sexy supernatural tale of a woman's will to survive in the face of oppression.

Tagalog with subtitles, 78 minutes

Red Cliff Red Cliff

Director: John Woo

John Woo puts his singular stamp on the art of war in this Chinese box office smash. Based on the classic Chinese novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Red Cliff dramatizes the scandals, spies, and romance surrounding the epic battle that signaled the end of the third-century Han Dynasty. Spectacularly choreographed martial arts and heroic combat show the struggle of the southern alliance as they face off against the massive invading forces from the north, led by a corrupt prime minister bent on domination.

Mandarin with subtitles, 146 minutes

Red Revenge Red Revenge

Director: Eunha Choi

Based on Freud's dream theory, Red Revenge straddles the line between dream and reality as one woman recounts her fantasies of childhood revenge.

Red Revenge will be presented as part of the short film program, Shorts 2: Animation Nations: Information & Show Times

6 minutes

Red Riding 1974 Red Riding 1974

Director: Julian Jarrold

The moody, haunting first film of a trilogy that winds its way through a labyrinth of police corruption and mysterious murders, Red Riding: 1974 immerses the audience in an investigation by Eddie Dunford, a newspaper crime correspondent. While reporting on the disappearance of a young Yorkshire girl, Dunford stumbles into a sordid world of graft and brutality presided over by the local police. From the director of Becoming Jane.

102 minutes

Red Riding 1980 Red Riding 1980

Director: James Marsh

Six years after the events of the first Red Riding film, West Yorkshire is still plagued by violence, this time in the form of a serial killer who preys on young women. When detective Peter Hunter (Paddy Considine, In America) is dispatched by his superiors to investigate local police for their failure to apprehend the killer, he uncovers a situation far more sinister than mere incompetence. From the Oscar®-winning director of Man on Wire.

93 minutes

Red Riding 1983 Red Riding 1983

Director: Anand Tucker

Nine years after the conviction and imprisonment of a suspected child murderer, the disturbingly familiar disappearance of a new victim sends deep tremors through the life of policeman Maurice Jobson. Through this new disappearance, the sad-eyed, subdued Jobson is forced to come to terms with—and atone for—the role he has played in the police department's unsavory past practices. Anand Tucker (Shopgirl, Hilary and Jackie) directs the final installment in this engrossing trilogy.

103 minutes

The Revenant The Revenant

Director: Kerry Prior

A zombie buddy comedy with political overtones? After being killed in combat, U.S. soldier Bart Gregory inexplicably rises from his grave-a walking, talking rotting corpse (or revenant), but otherwise himself. With the help of his friend Joey, he discovers he can not only keep from decomposing without killing the innocent but also clean up the mean streets of Los Angeles, all while cruising through the night in a 1979 Camaro.

105 minutes

Revenge Revenge

Director: Paulo Pons

A little boy walking by the river in the rural south of Brazil stumbles on a woman-raped, battered, left for dead. Six months later in Rio de Janeiro, a fiery take-charge beauty named Carol finds herself falling for Miguel, a steely-eyed "gaucho" from the country. As their affair intensifies, the secret circumstances of their meeting are slowly revealed, propelling this sexy, sophisticated thriller to a shocking finish.

Portuguese with subtitles, 105 minutes

Ricky Ricky

France / Italy
Director: François Ozon

As her new relationship with coworker Paco begins to bloom, single working mother Katie learns she’s pregnant. Baby Ricky soon dominates Katie’s attention, straining the couple’s relationship as well as her bond with her young daughter. Ambitious French director FranÇois Ozon (Swimming Pool, 8 Women) delivers a gritty family drama that takes flight in fantastical directions when a discovery is made: Ricky is growing wings.

Please note new screening dates for Ricky.

French with subtitles, 90 minutes

The Roe Effect The Roe Effect

Director: Kiel Adrian Scott

High schooler Dawn and her girlfriend Sam are madly in love, but when Dawn winds up pregnant she must choose between exposing a painful truth and losing the girl she loves.

The Roe Effect will be presented as part of the short film program, Shorts 5: Best of the American Black Film Festival: Information & Show Times

19 minutes

Roger Ebert presents 'The Castle' Roger Ebert presents 'The Castle'

Director: Rob Sitch

Early in The Castle, the happy Kerrigan family is served a chicken dinner. Dad (Michael Caton) observes something on the chicken and asks his wife (Anne Tenney) what it is. "Seasoning," she says proudly. Dad beams: "Seasoning! Looks like everybody's kicked a goal."

And so life spins along in Melbourne, where the Kerrigan home sits surrounded by its built-on rooms, screened-in porch, greyhound kennel, big-dish satellite and carport. For Darryl, it is not so much a house as a shrine to one of the best darn families in the universe, and he proudly points out the plastic Victorian gingerbread trim and the fake chimney.

The Castle, directed by Rob Sitch, is one of those comic treasures like The Full Monty and Waking Ned Devine, that shows its characters in the full bloom of glorious eccentricity. The Kerrigans may be the proudest and happiest family you've ever met, what with dad's prosperous tow-truck business, and the inventions of Steve (Anthony Simcoe), the "idea man" who specializes in fitting tools together so they can do two jobs equally badly. Tracy (Sophie Lee) is the only college graduate (from beauty school), and Dale (Stephen Curry) is the narrator, frequently quoting his dad, who observes, as he gazes up at pylons towering over the home, that "power lines are a reminder of man's ability to generate electricity."

This is the sort of movie the British used to make in black and white, starring Peter Sellers, Alec Guinness, Terry-Thomas, and Ian Carmichael. It's about characters who have a rock-solid view of the universe and their place in it, and gaze out upon the world in sublime contentment.

"Of all the films I've shown at Ebertfest, the audience probably loved" – Roger Ebert

Roger Ebert is Chicago’s own legendary, Pulitzer Prize-winning film critic. An integral part of the Chicago International Film Festival since its early years, Roger went on to form his Overlooked Film Festival in 1999. Now known simply as Ebertfest, the annual event highlights films both new and old that deserve wider attention or a fresh look by a new audience. Join us for this special presentation of The Castle, an Ebertfest film handpicked by Roger for Chicago.

82 minutes

Runaway Runaway

Director: Cordell Barker

Happy passengers are having a great time on a crowded train, oblivious to the unknown fate that awaits them around the bend. The ensuing crisis leads to a class struggle that is as amusing as it is merciless.

Runaway will be presented as part of the short film program, Shorts 2: Animation Nations: Information & Show Times

9 minutes