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2012 — 48th Chicago Film Festival

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Quartet Quartet

Director: Dustin Hoffman

Beecham House is abuzz: the home for retired musicians is soon to welcome a new, possibly famous, resident. Reginald (Tom Courtenay), Wilfred (Billy Connolly) and Cecily (Pauline Collins) receive a special shock when the new arrival turns out to be their estranged former singing partner, Jean Horton (Maggie Smith). Can the passage of time heal old wounds? And will the famous quartet be able to patch up their differences in time for Beecham House’s gala concert?

English, 97 min

The Queen of My Dreams The Queen of My Dreams

Directors: Fawzia Mirza and Ryan Logan

As a young girl, Fawzia Mirza fell under the spell of Bollywood heroines and their promise of love and feminine perfection. As an adult, she re-imagines it in a queer light.

Part of: Shorts 1: City & State

English, 3 min