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2012 — 48th Chicago Film Festival

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Panel: Black Perspectives - Voice and Authenticity in Black Cinema Panel: Black Perspectives - Voice and Authenticity in Black Cinema

How do we define Black or African-American Cinema?
Who are the filmmakers and audiences? How can filmmakers ensure that the Black experience is accurately and creatively expressed? A group of filmmakers, scholars and community activists consider questions of race, voice, representation and authenticity in Black independent filmmaking.

60 min

Industry Panel: Distribution and Marketing Industry Panel: Distribution and Marketing

You’ve secured funding, made your film, and navigated
the festival circuit. Now what? Opportunities for distribution are more varied than ever before. Join a group of distributors, filmmakers and other experts to discuss distribution platforms, successful marketing strategies, and more.

60 min

Industry Panel: Fundraising Forums Industry Panel: Fundraising Forums

A panel of filmmakers who have funded their projects in
a range of creative ways share their knowledge and experience. A must for anyone interested in using web-based funding platforms, the discussion will cover all types of innovative film financing.

Panelists include:
Travis Fine, Director, Any Day Now
Adam Leon, Director, Gimme The Loot
Amy Ellison, Development, The Believers
John Maloof, Filmmaker and Curator, Finding Vivian Maier
John Klein, Freelance Cinematographer and Producer
Julie Keck, Independent Filmmaker & Social Media Strategist

60 min

Industry Panel: Meet the Festival Programmers Industry Panel: Meet the Festival Programmers

An exciting and unique opportunity to hear from festival
programmers and gain insight into what goes into programming a festival, what programmers look for when choosing films, and some do’s and don’t’s to consider when submitting your film.

Panelists include:
Kathleen McInnis, Film Curator and Head of Industry Programming, Palm Springs Short Film Festival
Danièle Cauchard, General Director, Montreal World Film Festival
Daniela Bajar, Programmer, Nantucket Film Festival
Jonathan Jackson, Artistic & Executive Director, Milwaukee Film
Ines Sommer, Director, Talking Pictures Festival
Andrew Rodgers, Executive Director, RiverRun International Film Festival

60 min

Panel: New Directors - The Art of Collaboration Panel: New Directors - The Art of Collaboration

We all know it takes a whole team of talented people to
make a successful movie, but how do you decide who to work with? How do you ensure your producer, DP, editor and more are the best possible fit for your project? First time feature filmmakers discuss their experiences of finding the right people to share their vision and bring it alive on screen.

Panelists include:
Michael Mayer, Out in the Dark
Adrian Saba, The Cleaner
Gabriel Marino, A Secret World
Robert Budina, Agon

MODERATOR - John Mossman, Columbia College Chicago

60 min

Panel: Screen Adaptations - Novel Approaches Panel: Screen Adaptations - Novel Approaches

Some of the greatest movies started out as novels or
short stories. Join filmmakers whose screenplays came from literary adaptations to discuss how they approached their source material and the delicate creative process of successfully reworking the written word into film.

60 min

Panel: Spotlight Middle East - The Politics of Creativity Panel: Spotlight Middle East - The Politics of Creativity

Join Festival filmmakers for a discussion about the
intersection of art and politics in Middle Eastern cinema. How do the political situations in different Middle Eastern countries affect a filmmaker’s access to funding and resources? Do filmmakers in the Middle East feel a responsibility to challenge the prevailing ideologies of their leaders, and what are the repercussions when they do? In the politically charged climate of many Middle Eastern countries, can art exist without politics?

60 min

Paradise Paradise

Director: Nadav Kurtz

Three Mexican immigrants risk their lives washing windows on some of the tallest skyscrapers in Chicago. This thoughtful portrayal of their everyday lives reveals their thoughts about working, mortality, and the people they observe inside the high-rises they clean.

Part of: Shorts 1: City & State

English and Spanish subtitles, 10 min

Paradise: Love Paradise: Love

Austria / Germany
Director: Ulrich Seidl

Teresa, a middle-aged mother, vacations alone on the picturesque beaches of Kenya, one of many “Sugar Mamas” looking for love, sex, and companionship among the local gigolos, known as “Beach Boys.” Teresa goes from one disappointing relationship to the next until she is forced to confront the limitations of her attempts to purchase love. The first film of a projected trilogy, Paradise: Love is a controversial, provocative work from acclaimed filmmaker Ulrich Seidl (Dog Days).

English, German, and Swahili with subtitles, 120 min

The Patsy The Patsy

Director: King Vidor

A delightful late-silent era masterpiece from the great King Vidor (The Crowd), The Patsy follows Pat (a thoroughly charming Marion Davies), the overlooked, put-upon member of her family. Glamorous and popular, her sister Grace gets all attention. When the two sisters find themselves in competition over a boy, Pat must employ all her wiles to win him over. This beloved classic is presented with live musical accompaniment by David Drazin.

Post-screening discussion led by renowned silent film expert, David Robinson

English, 78 min

Paul Paul

Director: Adam Bizanski

Still in the aftermath of a tough break up, Paul's life is slowly deteriorating. A mindless burglary of his rented apartment forces him to push through the underworld of Tel Aviv to investigate.

Part of: Shorts 3: Midnight Mayhem

Hebrew with English subtitles, 26 min

The Perfect Fit The Perfect Fit

Director: Tali Yankelevich

The delicacy and perfection of ballet dancers is juxtaposed cleverly with the gruff, masculine men who spend their lives making their shoes. Yet both processes are equally painstaking.

Part of: Shorts 6: Truth Be Told

English, 9 min

Pitch Black Heist Pitch Black Heist

Director: John Maclean

Michael Fassbender stars in this dark, suspenseful tale of a professional safe cracker who encounters a hitch while on the job.

Part of: Shorts 7: Chaos Theory

English, 13 min

La Playa DC La Playa DC

Director: Juan Andres Arango Garcia

Tomás, an Afro-Colombian teenager driven from his home by war, settles with his brothers in the section of Bogota known (ironically) as “La Playa.” Working as a barber’s apprentice, Tomás is just beginning to find a place for himself when his younger brother Jairo disappears. Tomás must make a risk-filled journey in search of Jairo, a rite of passage that forces him to find, and earn, his own identity in this impressive, wonderfully energetic debut film.

Spanish with subtitles, 90 min

Post Tenebras Lux Post Tenebras Lux

France / Germany / Mexico / Netherlands

An astonishing visual tour de force from Mexican filmaker Reygadas (whose previous film, 2007’s Silent Light, won the Gold Hugo), this enigmatic, elusive film presents the occurrences around a family of four. Mundane domestic events are punctuated with tableaux of overwhelming beauty, while some sinister force lurks outside. Filled with arresting images from one of world cinema’s most innovative visual masters, Post Tenebras Lux is a truly sui generis work.

Spanish with subtitles, 120 min

Postcards from the Zoo Postcards from the Zoo

Director: Edwin

Ever since she was abandoned as a toddler in the Jakarta Haven for Animals and adopted by their giraffe trainer, the zoo has been the only world Lana knows. When she encounters and falls in love with a charming magician, she decides to make her journey into the unfamiliar outside world in this delightful, romantic fable.

Indonesian with subtitles, 96 min

The Pub The Pub


Lines blur between patron and bartender as intoxication takes hold in this visually striking animation.

Part of: Shorts 2: Blurring the Lines

English, 15 min