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2011 — 47th Chicago Film Festival

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On the Bridge On the Bridge

France / USA
Director: Olivier Morel

PTSD, or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, can be a whole new kind of war for our young men and women returning from Iraq and Afhghanistan. The opposite of fighting alongside your brothers and sisters in arms, this battle is often fought alone, against demons the soldier hides from others. The power of the documentary form is strongly felt as On the Bridge not only gives voice to the personal trauma our warriors endure but also as a means to help them honor their service and move forward as Americans.

96 min

On the Edge On the Edge

Germany / Morocco
Director: Leila Kilani

Badia and Imane dream of leaving their job at a shrimp processing plant in Tangier and working in the “Free Zone”, an enclave beyond the capital city that boasts European business practices and proffers entry into a better life. The twosome befriend another duo who work at a textile plant in the "Free Zone" and begin making some extra cash stealing goods to resell on the black market. Moody and edgy, reflecting the girls' own restiveness, this noir-infused tale plaintively examines the cost of class aspiration in an unyielding society.

Arabic with subtitles, 106 min

Once Upon a Time in Anatolia Once Upon a Time in Anatolia

Director: Nuri Bilge Ceylan

In a nod to Sergio Leone, Turkish master Nuri Bilge Ceylan’s unconventional crime drama unfolds into an immersive experience. What seems to begin as a typical police procedural quickly spirals into anything but when a confessed murderer is saddled into leading the cops to the buried body. Dead-ends, subtle clues, and red-herrings all coalesce into an intense study on the nature of truth and our ability to grasp the reality of any given moment.

Turkish with subtitles, 150 min

Oslo, August 31 Oslo, August 31

Director: Joachim Trier

Nearing the end of drug rehab, the talented and handsome 30-something Anders is given leave to interview for a job in Oslo. He spends the day and night visiting old haunts, reconnecting with friends, and searching for a hint of meaning and hope in the new life ahead of him. Strikingly shot and with a touch of comedy, this homage to the French New Wave presents a compelling study of loneliness and the possibility of redemption.

Norwegian with subtitles, 96 min

Ostrich's Flight Ostrich's Flight

Director: Clara Izabela

A struggling mattress salesman decides to try a novel money making approach - renting out his mattresses as beds by night when the store is closed. Naturally this opens his life to a parade of odd figures. An offbeat, charming film featuring some truly enormous fried eggs.

Portuguese, with subtitles, 15 min