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2010 — 46th Chicago International Film Festival

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Nannerl, Mozart's Sister Nannerl, Mozart's Sister

Director: René Féret

In this dynamic biopic centering on the other musical prodigy in the Mozart family, 14

French with subtitles, 120 min.

Neighbor, The Neighbor, The

Director: Naghmeh Shirkhan

Shirin has made a comfortable if solitary life for herself in her adoptive Canada, but her carefully constructed walls begin to crumble when fellow Iranian Leila moves in next door with her young daughter. Both women embrace the freedom they’ve found away from cultural and familial obligations but soon realize that it too has its limits. This nuanced, pathos-filled debut presents an exploration of the complex identity of women as mothers, wives, and friends.

English, Farsi with subtitles, 105 min.

New Tenants, The New Tenants, The

Director: Joachim Beck

A couple settling into a new home is in for some very nasty surprises in pitch-black comedy The New Tenants.

20 min.

Nice Guy Johnny Nice Guy Johnny

Director: Edward Burns

Indie pioneer Edward Burns (The Brothers McMullen) delivers this charming romantic comedy about a laid-back sports radio DJ who must decide whether to continue pursuing his dreams or to follow his fiancée into the corporate world. His roguish, wisecracking uncle (director Burns) tries to free him from his self-imposed shackles, pushing him toward a beautiful tennis instructor who’s clearly the perfect girl for him. Can Johnny stop being nice long enough to do what’s right for him?

89 min.

Norman Norman

Director: Jonathan Segal

Norman (Dan Byrd) has stomach cancer: three months to live. At least that is what he lets his peers at school believe. In reality, Norman is a physically healthy but emotionally troubled teenager trying to deal with the death of his mother and the terminal illness of his father (Richard Jenkins). Told with an air of sad playfulness, this bittersweet comedy features a score composed and performed by acclaimed Chicago musician Andrew Bird.

97 min.