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2011 — 47th Chicago Film Festival

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Kaidan -Horror Classics Kaidan -Horror Classics

Director: Multiple

Four uncanny ghost stories from Japan’s modern masters of cinema: The Arm tells the story of a middle-aged man with a peculiar fetish who convinces a young woman to lend him her arm for the night; in The Whistler, a girl finds mysterious love letters addressed to her dying sister; a monk, forced to hide his deformed nose from the townspeople, faces the ghost of a young boy, whom he purposely did not save from drowning in The Nose; and in The Days After, a couple receives a visit from a young boy they believe is their deceased son.

Japanese with subtitles, 160 min

Karma Karma

Sri Lanka

Burdened by guilt over his mother's death, 23-year-old Payel moves into an old stable turned into an apartment. Through the thin walls and a high window he can hear his neighbors' lovemaking and arguments, inspiring sexual fantasies that lead him into an emotional encounter with death and redemption. Structured like a jigsaw puzzle, Karma invites audiences to piece together these characters' lives while immersing them in a truly sensorial experience.

Sinhalese with subtitles, 88 min

Kid who Lies, The Kid who Lies, The

Director: Marité Ugás

In this touching mix of road movie and coming-of-age story, a 13-year-old boy takes to the roads of Venezuela alone in search of the mother he never knew. As he makes his way amid the wreckage left behind by mudslides that hit a coastal town 10 years ago, the boy shares stories of the tragedy with the people he meets, as he tries to come to terms with what happened to his family.

Spanish with subtitles, 100 min

The Kid with a Bike The Kid with a Bike

Director: Jean-Pierre Dardenne

11-year-old Cyril's only connection to his father, who left him in a children's home, is his bike. Desperately trying to retrieve his bike and reunite with his father, the kid is charged with confusion and anger. When local hairdresser Samantha agrees to foster Cyril on the weekends, she finds herself battling his self-destructive tendencies. Awarded the Grand Prix at this year's Cannes Film Festival, this tale of redemptive love bares the Dardennes’ evocative signature style.

French with subtitles, 87 min

An Evening with Braden King An Evening with Braden King

Braden King is a New York-based filmmaker, photographer and visual artist with Chicago roots. His most recent feature film, a road movie called Here, premiered at the 2011 Sundance and Berlin Film Festivals (p. 21). A live installation derived from the project premiered at The Museum of Modern Art. King’s previous work includes the feature film Dutch Harbor: Where The Sea Breaks Its Back (co-directed with photographer Laura Moya), the short film Home Movie and music videos for Sparklehorse, Sonic Youth, Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy (Will Oldham) and Dirty Three. Join us for a presentation and discussion with the artist followed by a Q&A.

60 min

King of Devil's Island King of Devil's Island

Director: Marius Holst

Only twice in its history has the Norwegian army fired on its own people. King of Devil’s Island focuses on one of these incidents: the 1915 uprising at a boys’ reform school and its deadly aftermath. Erling is the newest resident of Bastøy Boys Home and immediately rebels against the school’s oppressive regime. His rebellious spirit soon spreads like wildfire among the inmates of this bleak institution. The epic struggle for freedom that ensues brings to light issues of class structure, repression, and the consequences of control.

Norwegian with subtitles, 120 min

Kinyarwanda Kinyarwanda

Director: Alrick Brown

A young Tutsi girl and Hutu boy fall in love, an army captain tries to stay true to her mission while keeping her humanity intact, and a priest grapples with his faith amidst unspeakable betrayals and horrors. This gorgeously shot first feature magnifies the individual lives of those who suffered and endured in this compelling, wholly original take on the Rwandan Massacre of 1994.

Kinyarwanda with subtitles, 100 min

Krass Krass

Director: Tomas H. Johannesson

Oli runs an unusual car wash with his brother Keli, although he seems to spend more time singing karaoke than doing work. An impatient customer shows up with a vintage car for them to service, but soon Oli has a serious problem on his hands. Idiosyncratic comedy like only the Icelandic know how.

Icelandic, with subtitles, 8 min

Kshay (Corrode) Kshay (Corrode)

Director: Karan Gour

Chhaya, a woman of limited means, leads a good, decent life alongside her husband Arvind - until she becomes obsessed with a sculpture of Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of wealth. Chhaya will stop at nothing to bring home this statue, and soon her past weaknesses and disappointments (including a miscarriage) bubble to the surface, consuming and corroding her soul. Kshay is the latest example of an exciting new wave of independent Indian cinema.

Hindi with subtitles, 92 min