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2011 — 47th Chicago Film Festival

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If Not Us, Who If Not Us, Who

Director: Andres Veiel

Literature has the power to change the world, or so university students Bernward Vesper and Gudrun Ensslin believe. Gudrun soon discovers that words are not enough and, seduced by one of Andreas Baader’s more direct and violent approaches to change, joins forces with him as co-founder of the Red Faction Army. This stirring political drama takes audiences back to a tumultuous time in history when ideologies clashed, love was made, bombs were exploded and bullets fired.

German with subtitles, 124 min

Innocent Saturday Innocent Saturday

Director: Aleksandr Mindadze

The 1986 Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant accident is seen through the eyes of Valery, a young Communist party officer who has knowledge of the disaster yet, through a series of circumstances, is unable to flee the city. Instead of dealing with the impending doom, Valery and his girlfriend partake in frivolous activities, making you wonder, 25 years later, what would you have done in their shoes?

Russian with subtitles, 99 min

Inshallah, Football Inshallah, Football

Director: Ashvin Kumar

The fast-paced game of the world's most popular sport is contrasted against the slow turning gears of democracy in this controversial documentary. With help from a committed South American coach and his charming wife, 18-year-old Kashmiri soccer player Basharat is good enough to go play in Brazil but can't obtain a visa due to his father's militant past. More than a coming-of-age story about a teen who dreams of living as a free citizen, it is also a coming-of-age story for democracy in India.

Urdu, Kashmiri with subtitles, 83 min

Into the Abyss Into the Abyss

Director: Werner Herzog

With only eight days before he’s put to death, Michael Perry’s interview while on Death Row in Texas is not intended as a plea to abolish the death penalty, but rather as an entry into the philosophical underpinnings of death and violence in a country that has not yet done away with state sanctioned executions. Perennial fan favorite and patron saint of daring cinema, Werner Herzog’s latest documentary takes us once again into realms far removed from everyday experience to bring back the extraordinary.

100 min