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2010 — 46th Chicago International Film Festival

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I Miss You I Miss You

Director: Fabián Hofman

During Argentina’s infamous, bloody Dirty War of the 1970s, high schooler Javi and his older brother Adrian are swept up in the violence plaguing the country. When the boys are blacklisted because of Adrian’s involvement with the resistance protests, Adrian is “disappeared” and Javi is sent to Mexico to live with relatives. I Miss You is a sensitive portrayal of a boy’s journey into adulthood, complicated by the travails of growing up under a violent dictatorship.

Spanish with subtitles, 95 min.

I Will Follow I Will Follow

Director: Ava DuVernay

After leaving her job to care for her terminally ill aunt Amanda, makeup artist Maye must begin her life again after her Amanda’s death. Piercing heartache, shared memories, and long-buried resentments bubble to the surface as Maye and her family pack up the many possessions Amanda left behind. Punctuated by a poignant soundtrack of U2 songs, I Will Follow is a soulful meditation on grief’s strange mingling of sorrow and hope.

88 min.

If I Leap If I Leap

Director: J.J Stone

A young nun struggles with her desire for something she has never experienced in If I Leap.

18 min.

If I Want to Whistle, I Whistle If I Want to Whistle, I Whistle

Director: Florin Serban

Don’t miss the blossoming of a remarkable new talent in this minutely observed study of an incarcerated youth fighting a losing battle with his desperation. As the final days of his prison term tick down, teenage Silviu receives the news that his deadbeat mother is back in town and wants to spirit his little brother away to Italy. Still trapped behind bars, Silviu frantically grasps at any straws within reach

Romanian with subtitles, 94 min.

INTERCOM Best of the Fest INTERCOM Best of the Fest

The 46th International Communications Media competition recognizes the incredible creativity found in corporate, branded, educational, and interactive multimedia films. This year’s program of winning INTERCOM clips is headlined by the Chicago premiere of Jeff Deutchman’s riveting “participatory documentary,” the SXSW hit (and winner of INTERCOM’s Special Achievement in Interactive Filmmaking award) 11/4/08. Relive all the tension of that fateful election day with footage shot by 20 filmmakers from Chicago to Dubai, and participate in a live-streaming Q+A.

100 min.